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Delivering optimal business solutions to fuel the growth of your enterprise.

Sysmax Technologies is a privately owned Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Company based in Nigeria. We have over the years focused on our core expertise which is the creative development of software (web-based, desktop, and mobile) that add value to businesses and organizations. Overtime we have built competences with our list of satisfied clients using our software.

Sysmax Technologies Limited formerly known as Sky Computer Solutions Enterprises started operations in 2008 and was incorporated as a Limited Liability Company by Corporate Affair Commission in January 2015.

We are Professional

At Sysmax, professionalism isn't just a claim; it's a promise upheld in every interaction, every line of code, and every innovation we bring to life.

Licensed and Certified

Our commitment to excellence is fortified by our licenses and certifications, validating our expertise and dedication to delivering top-tier technology solutions.

Number 1 Company

Our team is a powerhouse of visionaries, engineers, and creators who collaborate tirelessly to craft cutting-edge technologies. We're at the forefront of transforming ideas into reality.

Leading Provider

At Sysmax Tech, we proudly stand as a beacon of innovation and excellence in the dynamic realm of technology solutions. We have solidified our position as the foremost provider in the industry.

Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us?

We know how daunting it is managing your business data manually or semi-manually, we also know what it means to use a software that is broken and isn't quite meeting your needs. The Business climate changes everyday yet, you can't get the updates and in some cases custom features you require in time. You also need someone to provide technical support when you are stuck and no one shows up. For years, we've assisted business owners and managers in crafting exceptional software, websites, and apps to streamline their organizations. Our clients rely on our steadfastness, benefiting from dedicated customer support. Our robust feedback mechanism enables us to swiftly detect and address issues, offering prompt assistance, whether onsite or virtually. With in-house product development, we retain complete control over updates and can readily integrate new features as per your evolving needs.

Our Mission

What we do

We are your one stop destination for all software-related needs. From small to medium and large scale Businesses, Government agencies, Educational instituions, Non Government Orgaizations (NGO) and Individuals. We have helped many Businesses and organizations like yours Build and manage robust software that makes for more efficient and effective service delivery. Our team won't rest until our solutions meet and exceed your expectations.
We create Stand-alone, intranet, internet powered Portals, websites, windows desktop software & mobile Apps. We already have a number of products and services used by many customers accross the country. In addition, we create software based on user-specifications and requirements, using the best design methodologies, we analyze your operations, make recommendations and working with you deliver a software that will serve and grow with your Business.

Our Mission

Our Vision

To be a leader in the enterprise software development and services space by creating quality software, providing top notch support for relationship and profitability.

Our Happy Clients

We are always there for you because we care, we know how important our products are in helping you deliver quality services to your customers, we can't stand being on your way in your quest to achieve that. Whether onsight or offsite we are able to serve you.


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